Tom Fabbri is a man who lives his life with no limitations and defies physical age; he does not allow his sixty years to get in the way of his adventures.

His most recent climb took him to Mt. Vinson Massif in Antarctica, where he faced a storm with hurricane force winds and extreme tempertures to Summit on December 7, 2017. With the mountain of all mountains left, Mt. Everest, and skiing to the North Pole and back to Antarctica to ski to the South Pole, Tom is well on his way to becoming part of an elite group of Adventurers.

Tom’s equation is simple. Once he decided to do something, he did it! Whether this was becoming a corporate helicopter pilot, captain at a major airline, landing the title of Mr. Natural Universe at the age of 52, graduating culinary school, becoming a certified personal trainer, or publishing books.

Even though you may not be planning to summit a mountain peak or dive with great white sharks, Tom’s wisdom can apply to you. His teaching comes from the planning, preparing and achieving the goals he has set out for himself. The principles he uses to achieve these extreme goals are the same principles you would use to achieve your goals.

In his action-packed presentation your audience will learn how to prepare for and discover the keys of a life lived on purpose. They will learn to:

  • Your Health Is Your Wealth
  • Dream Bigger Dreams
  • Prepare For The Journey
  • Being Brave isn't the absense of Fear