Can Wearable Technology Transform Your Health?


Can Wearable Technology Transform Your Health?

We now have a generation that doesn’t know what life was like before iPhones, iPads, internet, and Facebook. Our lives today have become consumed by the technology that is supposed to make our lives easier. Some of it is good, and some of it not so good. We have become excessively dependent to the devices that run our life. Now we have the capability to track our health with a watch we wear on our wrist. These wearable devices help us to monitor health goals on a daily basis. They measure calories burned, steps taken, days of exercise, heart rate, and much more. Some even monitor your sleep patterns. This has become a new accountability partner, of sorts…a constant reminder of where we are with our health and where we need to be.

Fitbit is probably the most recognized wearable fitness product on the market. They come in various different styles and colors that complement our busy lives. With the Fitbit app, you can connect multiple trackers to your account, and it will automatically detect when you switch between them. You can wear a more fashionable one to work and a sportier one to the gym. Fitbit has generously provided me with their latest product, the Fitbit Surge, to use in training for my upcoming climb to Mt. Vinson Massif, Antarctica, in November. Not only am I using it for training, but I am planning to bring it with me as I climb the coldest place on earth. I think the technology will be very useful to me on the mountain as it will be tracking my heart rate at altitude, my steps toward the summit, and other vital health information. It will be interesting to see if it can perform in the extreme temperatures that Antarctica will dish out.

Do I think that wearable technology can transform your health? Yes, probably. For me, time will tell. I am old school….I trust my body to tell me how it feels and what it needs. I am in the gym almost everyday, I nourish my body with real, whole foods, and I feed my mind with positive, motivational thoughts. Good health starts with a conscious effort to fuel your body, mind, and soul with what it needs to perform and function at its highest level. With these fitness tracking devices, I believe that they are a tangible way to do this. In this age of technology we live in, it is a positive start to put your health in your own hands.

Thomas Fabbri